How to straighten your teeth without braces

So, you’ve been thinking about having your teeth corrected for a while, but just can’t face the prospect of braces? You’re not alone. Many adults feel self-conscious about the idea of a traditional ‘train track’ brace, reminiscent of kids from their school days. But the good news is that you can straighten your teeth without braces. Yes, really. Here’s how to straighten your teeth. 


We know we’re biased, but we can’t get enough of Invisalign. Perfect for those who don’t want to draw attention to their teeth, or who are worried about having a traditional brace, Invisalign offers fuss-free treatment and excellent results. 

This system uses clear, plastic aligners instead of braces to gently help guide your teeth into the correct position. And instead of appointments to tighten wires, we’ll simply swap your aligners for slightly different ones usually weekly or as directed by Dental Monitoring – meaning that you can get on with your life while we concern ourselves with your smile. 

Invisalign aligners can be removed when you’re eating and drinking, brushing and flossing, and you can even take them out for special occasions – but not for too long, mind. So wave goodbye to photos with your mouth closed! 

Should I try DIY home treatments? 

No! You definitely should not try to straighten your teeth at home, despite what you might have read online. Paper clips, rubber bands or someone else’s brace or retainer will not work for you – and could actually cause a lot of damage to your teeth. 

When done correctly and overseen by a specialist orthodontist, teeth can be gradually straightened over a period of many months with braces or aligners by gently putting pressure on the teeth and guiding them into the best position. 

Doing this yourself, without any training or expert knowledge, could cause too much strain to be put on your teeth and the ligaments and roots that hold them in place, potentially causing the nerve to die and killing a tooth (or more). It might also result in cracked teeth, infections, severe pain, weakened tooth enamel and cuts on your gums. So don’t be tempted!

Talk to us

So if you’re ready to give your teeth the attention they deserve, book a free consultation and we’ll happily talk you through your options. Who knows, that perfect smile could be just around the corner! 

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